14 cottagecore dresses for a romantic wedding

The cottage core aesthetic took over the internet in 2020 and it looks like it will stay here. It is defined as a romanticized take on a simpler agricultural life.

Unsurprisingly, the pandemic and statewide lockdowns have fueled a nostalgia for an idealized past where there were no small apartments and just endless rolling hills. While this may not have been a human reality during the Agrarian Revolution, it has been a source of comfort and inspiration for those who feel choked by the current restrictions.

This also applies to weddings. In a year where so many weddings have had to be canceled due to lockdown restrictions, wanting to have the perfect wedding day surrounded by loved ones in a beautiful setting sounds like a fairy tale.

In fashion, the cottage core style brought the idea of ​​comfort and design in line with living in the gardens or in the fields. Although different depending on the small, aesthetic changes, elements of the cottage core style are inspired by the garden foliage. These include lace-up bodices, puff sleeves, delicate lace, soft chiffon fabrics and medium-length skirts.

Unsurprisingly, these elements together make the perfect spring or summer wedding dress. These dresses complement a barn yard, wine farm, or garden wedding and work well for a country style wedding.

We have selected some of our favorite cottagecore wedding dresses that combine these unique details in different ways and add a unique touch to the dreamy garden look so that your big day feels like a fairy tale.

Everything about lace

Lace is a standard addition to wedding dresses. This is because lace was a sign of wealth and beauty, and thus it was a staple for a wedding day. The cottage core aesthetic draws lace details from nature. Flowers, leaves and grapevines make up the designs that fit the garden theme in this style.

These lace applications can be a simple addition to the top, sleeves, train, or cover the entire dress for a more dramatic finish. Lace is especially important, mostly floor-damp, when choosing a cream or brightly colored dress. It’s a great way to incorporate the traditional color on your big day.

Levels and levels

The gentle femininity of flowing layers immediately transports your look into an ethereal, romantic space. While cottagecore is mostly a medium-length skirt, the combination of a long train and a floor-length skirt with other elements such as puff sleeves or lace-up bodices immediately combines the everyday cottage core with a heightened wedding look.

Although you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics for your layered skirt look, lighter options like chiffon or tulle make it easier to move around and are less hot during a hot summer wedding. With these softer materials, you can become even more important and have the long pull of your dreams.

Puff sleeve dreams

Puff sleeves are the epitome of cottagecore. This is because they are easily identified by their stylized prairie farm design. These sleeves feature billowing sleeves that are pinched in at the bottom for the perfect balloon effect. In many cases, with transparent, softer material, they form a counterpoint to the rest of the dress.

This is a lovely addition to a wedding dress as the sleeves are quite unique. Strappy or strapless dresses have been the most popular style for wedding gowns in recent years, which makes a puff sleeve look a standout look.

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