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It is a well-known wedding tradition to throw confetti at the happy couple as they leave the ceremony. While it used to be fake confetti, today couples are opting for more eco-friendly options.

The tradition of throwing confetti can be traced back to the Middle Ages and even further.

Various variations of the traditions have occurred around the world. At Italian weddings there was a parade following the ceremony, during which small sweets or imitations of sweets were thrown. In France and other European countries, colored, cut-out paper discs were chosen instead of gypsum sweets. In England, tossing rice instead of paper confetti became a tradition as it represented fertility and prosperity.

These days rice, paper cutouts, and various other confetti options are all available. These can be tailored to the style of the respective wedding. There are also more sustainable options that move away from some of the less environmentally friendly plastic options (PET and PVC).

The growing trend towards more sustainable confetti options comes as more and more people understand the harmful effects of human behavior on the world around us. Also, some venues don’t allow certain types of confetti due to messy cleaning. As a result, a number of alternative confetti options have been created that still allow guests to wish the couple the best without affecting the surroundings or the venue.

If you shower yourself with confetti after your partner’s lovesickness but don’t want to be afraid of harm, we have put together some sustainable alternatives that you will love.


Flowers are an easy and beautiful option. You may have guests clutching the petals to sprinkle them over you after saying “yes”. Choose the flowers according to the color palette of your wedding or even your favorite flowers. Whether you prefer dried or fresh flowers, the florist working on your wedding can help you.

The advantage of flower confetti is that it is biodegradable. Even if you will probably need someone to sweep up afterwards, the flower pile does not have to go to a landfill, but can be put on a compost heap.


Much like flowers, leaves are a natural alternative that doesn’t just throw in the trash at the wedding reception. However, unlike flowers, which are likely to have been picked, collecting leaves is cheaper and less time-consuming.

You can choose to toss the leaves as they are or get even more creative by cutting the leaves into fun shapes with a hole punch. Design small leaf hearts for your guests to shower your declaration of love. If that’s on your nose too, there are thousands of punch shapes.


The wedding industry is innovative when it comes to meeting requirements. As a result, sustainable confetti offers made from biodegradable materials that not only come from nature have increased significantly. These materials are specially designed so as not to harm the environment so you don’t have to worry.

If you’re in the mood for a party full of sparkles, biodegradable glitter is available. If you are celebrating a winter wedding and want to feel the imagination without the cold, then opt for environmentally friendly “snow”. Plant-based confetti can also be used to bring the floor back to life after the festivities.


We promise we’re not talking about a food fight. These confetti options use food substances, much like the traditional rice toss that people in the UK are already familiar with.

Similar to flowers, these food options are natural and therefore do not harm the environment. In some cases, it could even benefit local wildlife. If you choose to throw seeds, they don’t even have to be swept up and the birds in the area do the job for you. Other options are traditional rice or even freshly picked herbs like oregano or sage.

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