An ethereal wedding in the woods

The history: This wedding in the forest brings the magic of fairy tales and enchanted forests to life.

The site: This natural wedding shoot took place in an Italian forest in Apulia’s Tentua Tresca. The ceremony took place in the corner of an oak grove. A number of elements (including the altar and guest seating) were made from wood.

The atmosphere: Magic and dreams. The decor was created by staging natural materials with warm and lively colors. During the day, various summer shades of yellow, fuchsia, amaranth and pink were incorporated. Veronica is blooming around a tree trunk to create a dreamy love seat. The beauty of the golden hour lighting has been combined with artificial light from crystal chandeliers and warm fairy lights to create an ethereal effect.

The details: The bride wore a macrame lace dress and her soft hairstyle was crowned with a flower crown. Natural makeup with different shades of brown perfected this boho chic style. Woodland-inspired decorations included hanging branches and flowers, and a wooden bar counter. A small outdoor velvet lounge has also been placed between the woods.


  • If you do decide on a boho style, make it your own (e.g. boho woods).
  • Use warm and intense colors to create a lively feeling for an outdoor ceremony.
  • Natural materials find the perfect balance between modern and traditional.


Planning and design: Antonella Masella // Photographer: Photogravina // Videographer: Giuseppe Piserchia Films // Florist: Donato Chiriatti // Facility: Il sofa // Wedding dress: Carmela comes to Sposa // groom’s clothes: Petrelli Uomo // Favors: Vjs mind // Hair stylist: FP Pecoraro // jewels: White and gold // Stationary: The Creative Design Lab // Venue: Tenuta Tresca

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