Enchanted Forest Wedding Love Banquet

The history: Matteo and Federica didn’t want an ordinary wedding. They wanted something elegant, unique and unforgettable. This Roman couple engaged wedding planners, Eleonora Panettato organize their dream wedding, to celebrate and to declare their love.

The site: This wedding took place in the forest on Tenuta Tresca Property in the heart of Apulia. With its olive trees, oak grove and surrounding forest, this venue is perfect for nature lovers. Tenuta Tresca is a magical treasure trove full of natural treasures, ideal for fairytale weddings.

The atmosphere: An enchanted festival in the forest. This wedding went out of its way to create so many unique and unforgettable moments. Filled with festivals and fireworks, the celebration was about having a good time in the name of love. String lights and candlelight were used throughout the venue for a magical and romantic atmosphere.

The details: The LOVE banquet table setup consisted of four different table configurations that were used to spell the word “LOVE” (each table represents a letter) from the night sky, with the “L” forming the main banquet table. The tables were adorned with candles which created a soft and enchanting atmosphere that completed the fairytale effect in the soft moonlight. Organic wood and green were used everywhere to emphasize the feeling of being immersed in nature.


  • A statement centerpiece like the LOVE table takes time to plan and a skilled team to carry out. It can also serve as a center for your topic.
  • When thinking of feature elements that need to be photographed from the sky, make sure to keep this in mind when hiring a photographer. You should hire someone who is experienced in drone photography and has the necessary equipment.
  • When considering a nature or green theme wedding, consider using sustainable and eco-friendly elements so as not to look insincere.


Photographer: Francesco Carol // Wedding planner: Eleonorapanetta_events // Design: Gabriella Stefanelli Architetto // Venue: Tenuta Tresca // flowers: Flowers lablecce

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