For the blushing bride: 24 pink wedding dresses

Pink has long been associated with love and beauty. This makes it the perfect accent for a day celebrating the love between you and your partner. It has long been the color used to represent femininity, from soft, pale palettes to deeper, bolder hues.

B. Loved has already selected the blushing wedding dress as an alternative trend, but the pink wedding dress offers more than one hue. From rose gold reflections to bright millennial pink, there are many shades that suit the individual bridal style.

It’s also a generally flattering color that will suit any skin tone. This means you don’t have to worry too much about getting washed out or finding the perfect tan to make sure your dress looks exactly how you imagined it.

Many white wedding dresses already contain pink underlays to add dimension and depth to the dress without sacrificing color. While this barely offers a hint of pink, it speaks for the ease of incorporation and established history of pink in wedding dresses.

Pink is also an easier color for the bride who wants to be adventurous but careful to go too far. Many shades of pink don’t feel too far removed from white because of their relationship with romance, and white is easy to incorporate into a pink dress.

To convince you that pink is the color to look for on your big day, we’ve found twenty-four gorgeous dresses in a range of styles and shades that are sure to tickle you by this trendy pink clothing style.


While a classic wedding dress is usually white, these pink classic dresses take the simple silhouette and enhance it with a soft pink hue. These dresses are unmistakably made for a bride.

With classic wedding dress elements like textured tops and trumpet skirts, these dresses are perfect for the bride who wants a traditional dress but wants to bring in a unique element by introducing a gorgeous pink.


A layered wedding dress adds volume and dimension. From walking down your aisle to dancing at night, a layered dress will make you feel like you are floating in the air. For the bride looking to complete the fairytale wedding fantasy, a layered dress offers a more structured ball gown effect.

The added benefit of a pink wedding dress is that not only do the layers add an extra design element, but they also allow you to get creative with different shades of pink and accents throughout the skirt.


Pink wedding dresses already evoke a feeling of romance as pink is the color of love. This means that there are many dresses out there that offer a romantic feel. These softer designs lean into the lighter pinks and combine them with flowing fabrics for a touch of whimsy.

These dresses often have elements like long soft fabric sleeves, flower necklines to create a natural element or tulle, the perfect swirl material.


Modern clothes are mostly about a more avant-garde silhouette. From unique necklines to asymmetrical skirts, there are no limits to the modern design of wedding dresses. The inclusion of dramatic elements such as feathers, fringes or rhinestones is a common feature of modern dresses.

When it comes to pink, modern clothes don’t shy away from the bold, lighter pinks and not the simple blushing either. Think bright millennial pinks or even patterned fabrics. If you are looking for a gown that will turn heads, modern designs are the way to go.

If you’ve decided not to go white but are still unsure of your final color, we’ve published an incredible list of too blue wedding dresses.

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