Pizza-loving destination Elopement in Sicily

The history: How many modern couples Julia and Olexander decided to flee. This Ukrainian couple chose Sicily as their escape destination because of the mild climate and the beauty of its historical monuments.

The site: The escape took place in Palermo on the Italian island of Sicily. Palermo is the Sicilian capital and was called the “Kingdom of the Sun” by the Normans in the 12th century due to its idyllic, sun-drenched climate. With summers from April to October and mild winters, Palermo is a year-round destination.

The atmosphere: Young, funny and in love with warm tones that are reminiscent of the Sicilian climate. This elopement had a decidedly modern and unconventional atmosphere. We love how this couple wanted their destination to be an adventure in which they explore and enjoy all that the beautiful island of Sicily has to offer in common.

The details: Julia and Olexander got ready in the suite of a historic building near the cathedral. This was a great setting for their wedding photos. The couple also took photos in the streets of the historic center of Palermo and the famous one Piazza Pretoriasurrounded by statues of mythological Roman figures. The floral arrangement was inspired by the Italian summer lemons and Italian fruit plant leaves. The kidnapping ended with the couple enjoying a few slices of pizza together at a local pizzeria. Perfecto!


  • Why not combine your wedding and honeymoon with one destination? This wallet-friendly wedding option is perfect for the adventurous couple.
  • When considering fleeing abroad, you need to consider the time to research and plan. Also, expect the unexpected, especially when corresponding with vendors who speak a different language. Embrace the experience, be flexible, and think about why you are there.
  • Destination Elopements is really all about personal experiences. The only people to worry about are you. So if you love pizza, go for it!


Wedding planner: Etnamare wedding // Photographer: Gianluca Sammartano storyteller // flower pattern: Atmosphere creatori d’emozioni // MUA: Mari Brie // Celebrant: Anna Marchenko // Restaurant: Sud antica forneria siciliana // Venue: Palazzo Artale Tumminello

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