Stay on trend with a mobile bar for cocktail hour

A bar is an important part of any wedding. Whether you and your guests are big drinkers or not, a few cocktails will bring the party spirit to your big day. Another reason a bar is a necessity is that they deliver the drinks so people can toast you while you are speaking.

Bars are an important feature of the reception and are often discussed by attendees long after the event. The cocktail hour allows guests to chat while the couple is taking pictures, keeping them busy and entertained. Be it because of the drinks on offer or because they are simply the meeting point of different guests who meet on the way to a recharge.

While traditional bars are built-in structures that go with the venue, but if you’re having an off-site wedding or even part of the reception in a different location, there’s a new trend that offers something with a little more excitement – the Handy Bar.

The mobile bar trend has been around for a few years, but the number of bars on offer for your event has been limited. This made it special to have one at your event as these were rare. Now with more options, you can choose a bar that completely suits your style. Check out some of these stunning ones mobile bars in the US to see what we’re talking about.

The great variety and innovation of the bar owners means almost anything can be turned into delicious drinks. The most common bars on offer are converted horse trailers, caravans, cute Italian scooters, and even motorbikes. Many of these are simple and can be customized to suit your event. Others have a bit more of their own flair, but this could speak to what you already imagined or add a new charm to your big day.

Like most standard bars, they offer a variety of packages, from a bar to a full bar service, depending on your preference and budget. Since they are a little more bespoke than an un-themed bar, the bartenders who serve these delicacies can work with you to create the bar service of your dreams.

When considering a mobile bar for your wedding, it’s important to find the one that best suits your style, is big enough for your big day, and delivers exactly what you had in mind.

Style and size

When choosing a mobile bar, think about your wedding style and the types of additions you will want to add to the day. While this is only one aspect, if it is completely out of place in your overall decor, it will make it stand out, but not in a good way.

While most bars are pretty neutral, with white paint and simple decor additions, others stick to one theme. Often these are related to the area from which the bar originates. If you’re in a rural area, you’re likely to find a rustic-themed cowboy bar, while some city bars have a more rock and roll aesthetic. These mobile bars in the UK have an incredible variety when it comes to styles.

A big bonus is that the more neutral bars are that you can add personal details like flowers to match those in your bouquet. This ensures that your bar speaks to the rest of the event and still stands out as a unique twist on the standard bar configuration.

The size of the bar you rent also depends on where you want to place it, your venue and the number of guests. While mobile bars instantly look like something you can only go outside, some venues are big enough to house the smaller mobile bars. Having a horse trailer or small RV inside is a great thing as it instantly draws attention to this unique detail.

Fortunately, most bars, no matter how small, can cater to large numbers of patrons. Even the smallest carts can distribute drinks to well over 100 people. However, it is important that you are aware of the bar’s capacity before booking.

Drinks on offer

When it comes to what the bar serves, not all are created equal. While most allow you to choose a full service, some only offer a specific specialty on tap, from prosecco to beer. So it’s important to choose the bar that offers exactly what you want everyone to sip.

Prosecco or champagne bars are most popular for weddings as they serve the epitome of a wedding toast in an exciting way straight from the tap. Let your guests pour their bubbles from a converted Italian Piaggio. These mobile bars in Australia If there is no shortage of variety, take a look at how you can put together a drinks menu.

A great deal most mobile bars have is the ability to work with professional bartenders to create a unique cocktail that will appeal to you and your partner’s love. This creation is entirely your own and can contain your favorite flavors. Not only do you give it a fun name and know that you’ve created something special for your special day, but you can also look forward to your guests enjoying something they’ve never tried before.

If you’re planning a dry wedding, many mobile bars offer non-alcoholic options, from mocktails to coffee to hot chocolate. This could work well for a light and early breakfast wedding or as a cozy winter wedding warmer.

Choose the best package for you

Similar to a standard bar, you can choose whether guests should pay for their drinks, whether you have a small selection of drinks, or whether you want to pay the entire bill yourself. Unlike a bar that can be open all night, these mobile bars are often rented for a period of time with an exact amount of alcohol, or you have to provide the alcohol yourself.

In most cases, these packages are designed for multiple guests, from the smallest to the larger. In other cases, a base price that includes the bar, bartenders, and other basics is charged for a set number of hours, and you can build from there.

The biggest aspect is how individually each offering can be tailored to the type of glasses you would like to serve your drinks in. That way, you will get exactly what you are looking for in the price range that suits you best.

A mobile bar is a great meeting place, conversation starter, and a unique addition to your big day. It takes something simple and makes it extraordinary on a day that is about going above and beyond. If you’re looking for real life inspiration, check out how this couple used a mobile bar in theirs inspired indie festival wedding and how an Airstream Mobile Bar was used Wedding in the south of France.

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