Insane not to hire remote workers

The future of work is digital. And far away. I said it there. Ready to fight you. I mean, at this point, you’d have to be incredibly blind not to see where the business and corporate world is going.

And it’s by no means something to be touted out of the blue. The recent pandemic just nudged it a little. In recent years, however, the idea of ​​remote working to overthrow traditional work configurations has been pioneered.

In general, when it comes to remote working, the benefits to the employee are often discussed. But have you ever paused for a second to consider what the benefits are, or could be, for you as an employer? Probably not. Mainly because you may never have seen remote work as anything other than a passing fad.

Let me tell you it’s here to stay And it will stay that way in the long term. Because of this, by moving to hiring remote workers, you are getting the much-needed competitive edge that you need.

The competition is fierce, it is only wise to stay ahead

A company is only as good as its employees. Remember, it’s great teams who build great products and businesses, not the other way around. It is these people who lead the company to success. They will be the ones who run day after day. So it only makes sense to have the best on your side, doesn’t it?

Leading up to long-term success, the ability to attract top talent is an important metric that defines your business. And if you don’t, you’d better bet that your competition does. If you want to stay one step ahead and future proof your business, there’s nothing like hiring remote workers.

It will soon be a norm everywhere anyway, and it already is in some companies. And as a smart businessman, you already know the importance of beating your competition. It could be the only thing that can change your business from good to great.

Bye geographic borders, hello global talent pool

When you are recruiting for your business, look for a superstar who could change the game for you. But what if your superstar doesn’t live near your office? Is this a good reason to lose the best talent that could potentially work wonders for you?

The obvious answer is no. As you move to hiring remote workers, you expand the opportunity to find the right match that fits your business exactly. Nobody can possibly have a problem with the ability to find the best and most competent talent, can they?

Another great benefit of hiring remote workers is that you now have a more diverse team. People from different countries and with different work experience, especially if you are hiring from another country, have a lot to offer your company. They complement each other and contribute their expertise in and for various markets, the value of which is immense for an aspiring company.

Productivity will increase when you switch to remote

A Stanford study confirmed this a few years ago Remote work increases productivity. I don’t know about you, but I would find it hard to argue with you. It’s now proven that you can do more work remotely than ever before.

It may be counter-intuitive or difficult to believe, but facts are facts. Why this is so could well be simple. Perhaps people at home are less distracted when it comes to getting work done than they are in an office.

There are no long commutes sitting in traffic or public transport waiting to get to work or home. There is also no interruption from people walking to someone’s desk to speak to them.

Remote teams can start and finish their workdays early on average, which obviously makes them happy. And a happy worker is a productivity dynamite.

Now, increased productivity is a pretty noticeable benefit for any business. If your business can get more done in the same number of hours, this is an absolute win for you.

Hiring costs will go down, the bottom line will go up

If you hire remote workers, especially from a Remote Employee MarketplaceYou forego all costs associated with hiring a new employee. Otherwise, you’d normally spend a ton on things like:

  • procurement
  • Screening
  • training
  • Onboarding
  • Services
  • Attention
  • …and more!

Not only that, but you are paying big bucks for prime real estate when you have a traditional office. Because sometimes it is important where your office is located. If you rent a remote control it is completely irrelevant.

Think how much better you could spend that money growing and scaling your business, rather than on incidental expenses that just weigh on you.

It takes money to make money. So why are you wasting it? Any money saved is added to your bottom line and gives your operating costs a longer lease on life.

Remote is THE future

The idea of ​​working remotely and hiring remote teams is more than just a business trend. It really is the future of work and how companies treat talent. Geographic and cultural barriers can no longer be the listed reasons why companies cannot hire the talent they really need.

A few clicks and clicks and we can connect with someone anywhere in the world, be it in another country or on a continent. We no longer have to be in the same room or office to work together effectively.

Getting remote and building remote teams will be quite a profitable long-term business strategy if done right. Not only will you have a high performing team that delivers every day, but you’ll also experience faster growth and scaling.

It is time to embrace the future because the future is already here. Remote work is the new reality of today.

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