How to host a stylish wedding in your garden

DIY and garden weddings will be a growing trend following the announcement by the UK government that weddings and receptions can be held in private gardens for up to 30 people in private gardens from May 17th.

For many couples looking to tie the knot this summer, message weddings with up to 30 people starting May 17th are very welcome. Those struggling to find their desired venue, hold deposits and plan a wedding in less than 30 days may be pleased to know that a new trend is catching on.

The ease of the restrictions shows that when we enter the third stage of the roadmap outside of the embargo, private gardens will be one of the Covid-safe places for wedding receptions in England. While Pinterest is looking for a 190% increase in the small garden wedding, Jess Martin, wedding decoration expert at Ginger Ray, and Anna Davison, CEO of the Tiny Wedding Company, share some key tips on how to create the ultimate stylish garden wedding.

How to host a DIY wedding reception in your garden

Stay savvy and keep costs down

While the average cost of a wedding in the UK ranges from £ 15,000 to £ 20,000, a garden wedding is a fraction of the cost. Even with the addition of a marquee and caterers, the price should still be significantly lower.

“If you want to rent a teepee marquee in your back yard with caterers and a bar, completely decorate the marquee and garden, hire photographers and musicians for up to £ 6,000.” Anna Davison, CEO of the Tiny Wedding Company, explains.

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Hosting a garden wedding is a great opportunity to get a little smarter and save money by upcycling old furniture or hidden gems from charities or resellers.

Anna adds, “If you’re open to being a little smarter and more creative by upcycling pieces from the Facebook marketplace, using flowers from the garden, cooking your own food, and borrowing tables and chairs, you can have a stunning wedding anniversary for Children design 1000 pounds. “

Hug your inner boho bride

There are tons of benefits to having your wedding in your backyard, including the fact that you can go all out with decorations at a fraction of the cost of setting up an entire venue. You can really embrace the bohemian wedding theme with ethereal and nature-inspired decor too.

Jess Martin, Wedding Decoration Expert at Ginger Way, explains, “Relaxed boho vibes are a big trend for wedding decorations this year – and it’s so easy to create the look in your garden. A touch of pampas grass, flower garlands and macrame really adds to the boho look and feel.

cream colored bunny tail garden wedding

Natural Off White Bunny Tails, £ 9.99, Ginger Ray

“Adding foliage and flowers (even if they’re artificial) in as many places as possible is another easy way to achieve a relaxed environment. Adding in the traditional bride and groom archway wrap foliage around the frame or buy a pre-made one if you’re not the smart guy! “

Copper Frame Wedding Arch Ginger Ray Garden Wedding Decor

Copper frame wedding arch, £ 69.99, Ginger Ray

Anna adds, “Turn simple folding tables into elegant table landscapes with draped pieces of neutral material, add leaves, flowers, candles and whatever color palette you choose.”

Create seating areas

Seating plan garden wedding

“Your garden will always be your garden, but if you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary, you want it to be the place where you celebrated your special day,” suggests Anna. “Get creative and plan the space, create zones and different areas for different aspects of your day. It’s a great way to make an environment comfortable.

“Zone specific areas with sofas and comfortable chairs instead of randomly placing them in the garden. Create another zone with tall stools and barrel-style standing areas. If you have space, a gazebo or small teepee marquee can serve as another room or bar, it’s also a great blank canvas to decorate. “

Get Crafty with DIY wedding decorations

DIY wedding decorations
Image credit: Pexels

“Gather friends and family to get involved and create your own decorations for your special day,” says Jess of Ginger Way.

Whether you’re painting signs, creating photo banners, or arranging flowers, try throwing up a fun pre-wedding crafting night of snacks and sodas.

“When you have the time, collect glass bottles to place your own cute lanterns in the garden by adding LED lights and tying in a string of raffia. Not only is it environmentally friendly, making your own decorations is a great way to cut costs and add a personal touch to your wedding. “

Keep things low profile when it comes to music

Although couples often dream of a big live band for a riotous reception or a harmonious string quartet to lead them down the aisle, when it comes to music at a garden wedding, it’s often best to keep things a little more cautious. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t all enjoy a good boogie.

Anna says, “Music is another key element on any wedding day. If a band takes up a lot of space in smaller gardens, look for acoustic musicians who, while creating a great atmosphere, require much less equipment and can be conveniently placed anywhere in a garden.

“PA sound systems are great because they also come with a microphone, which is perfect for making speeches and announcements throughout the day. You can rent this device from £ 35 or buy it from £ 100. “

If you’re on a very tight budget, Jess suggests creating your own wedding playlist. “To add that extra personal touch, set up your own Spotify playlist and invite your guests to add it to before the big day,” she explains. “That way, nobody has an excuse not to get on the dance floor!”

Set up food and drink stations

Donut wall ginger ray

One of the many benefits of a garden wedding is that you don’t have to worry about a formal meal seating plan. Instead, create relaxed food and drink stations where people can eat and refill at will.

“Creating DIY bars is a great way to encourage your guests to help themselves throughout the day. Buy beer kegs from local breweries, which usually offer the pump on loan. Setting up gin pimp tables and prosecco tables is also a nice extra. Fireplaces with smells and roasted marshmallows in the evening are great fun even at sunset, ”comments Anna.

“Candy stations are also a great alternative to a more formal cake and add another fun element to your garden wedding,” adds Jess. “There are tons of options, from donut and pretzel stands to pick ‘n’ mix and ice cream parlors.”

Make the most of the natural lighting (and add a few little extras)

Outdoor garden wedding

Lighting plays a huge role in creating a stunning atmosphere at your garden wedding – and pinpointing the transition from day to night is crucial.

Jess says: “Dot tea lights on as many surfaces as possible in your garden to create that calm, warm feeling – the more the better. Try incorporating LED lights by weaving them into foliage that you also used to decorate your garden. Festoon lights are all the rage this summer too and are a great option if you prefer a festival look and feel.

“Buy some sparklers and put them in a party bag for each of your guests and light them when it gets dark. Spelling letters with them is a great photo opportunity too!”

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