Overused Wedding Trends: The One We Leave Behind

If the last year and a half has taught us anything, it is that future brides and grooms are resilient creatures who adjust their big days to ever-changing guidelines. In the wake of the pandemic, the wedding trends are out with the old and with the new. And here are some of the ones we’re leaving behind.

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From Instagram-worthy donut walls to crazy poems about wedding favors, these are considered to be the most overused wedding trends, and many brides-to-be want to leave these behind in the past. How many are you guilty of?

Since the wedding season from May to September locks out a large part of people’s weekends and winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular, your wedding guests will often have seen it all before. And as the pandemic pushes us to get back to basics and think about what’s really important on the big day, there are some wedding trends that we are leaving behind.

10 overused wedding trends

According to a study by Goldsmiths, both sexes agreed that complicated hashtags were the number one most pointless wedding trend in 2019 (43.5%), while donut walls (37.2%), pets as ring bearers, and neon signs also topped the list stood.

If you want to make sure that your celebrations are truly one of a kind, these are the wedding trends that many brides-to-be leave behind. But hey, if you like that pastel flower wall and dream of donuts dangling from the ceiling, just do it.

Complicated hashtags

Instagram wedding hashtag

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There is no denying that we live in a society obsessed with social media. Seldom goes a day without a lavish suggestion being played on Instagram Stories or a full wedding album uploaded to Facebook for all of your old schoolmates to admire. With the ability to live stream your wedding, however, comes the call for a quirky and unique wedding hashtag. But guests are fed up with the intricate mix of names created to bring your big day to the trending department.

Donut walls

In second place with 37.2% of the vote is the delicious (but somewhat inconvenient) donut wall trend. Perhaps the risk of brushing past a mural of glazed goodness and ruining a wedding outfit just isn’t worth it for this quirky image on the gram.

However, not everyone seems to be such a spoiler, with the majority of 18- to 24-year-olds admitting that aesthetically pleasing donut walls (36.4%), flower clouds (36%), and food trucks (31.8%) do the trick greatest would be priority at a wedding.

Confusing poems about gifts in invitations

Wear with us on this. Do you know those slightly passive-aggressive wedding invitations with a crazy little poem? The ones that suggest Beth and Brad really, really need a new toaster or a trip to the Bahamas with a fun little haiku. Or a puzzle that rhymes with ‘tie the knot’ on ‘big old’ yacht ‘? Even we have to admit, they can be just a tiny bit annoying. And 37.2% of you agree.

Throw the dress away

You have just spent a small fortune on your dream dress. It’s the talk of the day. So why in the world would you devote an entire section of your wedding day to destruction?

Cake in the face photos

Sure, it spices up the statutory cake-cutting pose and the idea of ​​a food fight during one. But is someone really that happy when they get frosted icing up their nose? With the prices of a bespoke wedding cake reaching astronomical heights, you really don’t want to waste a bite.

Too many bridesmaids

Gone are the days of having a bridesmaid or two; Now, “bridesmaid armies” are the hot new trend, with some opting for up to 10 close friends to accompany them to the altar.

“The bridesmaid army trend came quickly from the US and has swept weddings across the UK,” says Hamish Shephard, founder of brautbuch.co.uk. This can be great for photo ops, he says, “but sometimes it can interfere with the ceremony as the altar will clutter them.”

That trend is slowly fading, however, thanks to the new Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. “We can see [her] Decision not to have adult bridesmaids and opt for flower girls instead in order to shift that perspective towards a more reserved bridal shower. “

Top wedding cakes

The trend towards wedding cakes has also changed significantly in recent years. “The humble fruit cake wedding cake was long gone due to ‘Instagram Wars’ for the perfect cake shot,” says Shephard.

“From drip cakes and naked cakes, then to donut walls and two-meter tall macaroon towers, and recently even Meghan Markle’s 154 pound sliced ​​lemon and elderflower wedding cake! This is a trend that is becoming more and more competitive. “

Decorated walls

“Donut and flower walls seem to be everywhere!” Says Robin Weil from weddingplanner.co.uk.

Illuminated letters

It might be a hit with most, but this popular gimmick also made it onto Weil’s list of the most exaggerated trends. While some couples spell their initials, others opt for their own wedding hashtag or opt for a simple “congratulations”.

Dramatic bridal entrances

When it comes to dramatic bridal gigs, “we’ve seen it all,” says Hamish Shephard. “From the bride being literally blown into the ceremony to stepping onto a disguised dinosaur, the bride’s entrance has become another aspect of the wedding that can be blown to unimaginable heights.”

“We are all in favor of breaking traditions like the growing trend of brides walking down the aisle themselves – as eight percent of British brides did in 2017, but maybe you will save the dinosaurs for the amusement park!”

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